Salao Duas Rodas Expo 2015 TPI Bearing
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Tung Pei has been established since 1966 under technical co-operation with NTN CORPORATION, JAPAN.
Salao Duas Rodas Expo 2015








Oct 7, 2015 
Salao Duas Rodas Expo was held in Milan, Italy and started from Oct 7 to Oct 12 in 2016. The main products presented in this exhibition were latest two-wheel vehicles including motorcycles, scooters and electronic bicycles with their associated parts.

TPI has been an important supplier for two-wheel components and accessories whose deep groove ball bearings, their main products supplied to two-wheel markets, are a highlight in this Expo for TPI. Bearings specially applied in engines for two-wheel vehicles were inquired by many visitors. Beside engines, TPI has also been proud of their bearings used in inside gearboxes and also in wheels for a long while and world class companies have been confident for their products.

TPI will contribute to two-wheel markets more and provides more completed products and services for clients in South America.



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